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archaeological, archeological
Of, relating to, or concerning archaeology.
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archaeological chemistry, archeological chemistry
The application of chemical theories, processes, and experimental procedures to obtaining archaeological data and to solutions of problems in archaeology.

This field includes laboratory analysis of artifacts and materials found in archaeological context.

archaeological chronology, archeological chronology (s); archaeological chronologies, archeological chronologies (pl)
Establishment of the temporal sequences of human cultures by the application of a variety of dating methods to cultural remains.
archaeological conservancy, archeological conservancy
Any private, nonprofit organization working to save archaeological sites from destruction.

This is done primarily by purchasing threatened sites and protecting the sites until they can be turned over to responsible agencies; such as, national parks.

archaeological culture, archeological culture
Constantly recurring artifacts or group of assemblages that represent or are typical of a specific ancient culture at a particular time and place.

The term describes the maximum grouping of all assemblages that represent the sum of the human activities carried out within a culture.

archaeological data, archeological data
Material collected and recorded as significant evidence by an archaeologist.

Archaeological data falls into four classes: artifacts, ecofacts, features, and structures.

archaeological geology, archeological geology (s) (noun); archaeological geologies, archeological geologies (pl)
The use of geological techniques and methods to archaeological work: "Archeological geology is different from geoarchaeology in that the it is a subfield of archaeology focusing on the physical context of deposits."
archaeological layers, archeological layers
Sedimentary and architectural units defined by a combination of lithological, pedological, and material cultural criteria.
archaeological method, archeological method
Any of a variety of means used by archaeologists to find, recover, analyze, preserve, and describe the artifacts and other remains of past human activities.
archaeological reconnaissance, archeological reconnaissance (s) (noun); archaeological reconnaissances, archeological reconnaissances
The technique of finding, specifying, and documenting the locations of very old historical sites on the ground by examining different contrasts in the various environments and geographic configurations: In his class of archaeological reconnaissance, James used a special tool called an auger to make holes in the ground so he could extract samples of soil in order to understand the physical features of what once existed in certain areas.
archaeological record, archeological record
The surviving physical remains of past human activities, which are sought, recovered, analyzed, preserved, and described by archaeologists in an attempt to reconstruct the past.
archaeological recovery, archeological recovery (s) (noun); archaeological recoveries, archeological recoveries (pl)
The act or process of obtaining artifacts from a site for the purpose of deriving archaeological data.
archaeological sequence, archeological sequence (s) (noun); archaeological sequences, archeological sequences (pl)
A method of placing a group of similar objects into a chronological sequence, taking into account stylistic changes that have occurred over time.
archaeological site, archeological site
Any concentration of artifacts, ecofacts, features, and structures manufactured or modified by humans.
archaeological survey, archeological survey (s) (noun); archaeological surveys, archeological surveys (pl)
The methods used to examine an area to determine if there are any deposits available of people and their cultures.
archaeological theory, archeological theory
Any theoretical concept used to assess the framework and meaning of the remains of past human activity.

Such a theory is used to guide a reconstruction and an interpretation of the past by looking beyond the facts and artifacts for explanations of prehistoric events.

archaeological unit, archeological unit
An arbitrary classification unit set up by an archaeologist to separate one grouping of artifacts from another in space and time.
(a glossary of archeological terms particularly related to the field of research that can tell us about our origins and our remote past)
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archeological record
The sum total of all artifacts, features and other objects produced by humans, which are found at an archeological site.
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