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arachnophobia, arachnephobia, arachneophobia (s) (noun); arachnophobias; arachnephobias; arachneophobias (pl)
An excessive fear of spiders: Many people suffer from the dread of experiencing arachnephobia, especially when seeing a tarantula or black widow in their homes!
Scribe is frightened by the shadow of a spider
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Spiders, Spiders Everywhere

Currently, about 30,000 species of spiders have been recognized, although it is certain that many more have yet to be discovered in all parts of the world.

The spiders are known to occupy nearly every terrestrial habitat, from the peaks of the highest mountain ranges into the depth of the largest caves and holes, from damp marshes to dry deserts. Anywhere in fact that they can find other arthropods to provide them with meals.

—Rod & Ken Preston-Mafham Spiders of the World