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Arabic months
yænæyir (kænun æt-tæni)
[kanun ethani or yanayer] (January)
fibrayir (shabat)
[shobat or febrayer] (February)
mæris (azar) [a’thar or mares] (March)
abril (nisæn) [nisan or ibreel] (April)
mæyo (ayyar) [ayyar or mayu] (May)
yonyo (hozæyran)
[Huzayran or younyeh] (June)
yolyo (tæmmuz) [tammuz or yulyeh] (July)
agostos (æb) [ab or o’gustus] (August)
sibtæmbir (æylul)
[aylul or sebtember] (September)
oktobar (tishrin æl-æwwæl)
[tishreen al awwal or october] (October)
novæmbir (tishrin ættæni)
[tishreen athani or november] (November)
disæmbir (kænun æl-æwwæl)
[kanun al awwal or december] (December)

—From Berlitz Arabic for Travellers by the staff of Berlitz Guides;
Berlitz Publishing S.A.; Lausanne, Switzerland; 1989
(those shown above in parentheses).
and from
Spoken Arabic of the Arabian Gulf by “Associated companies,
branches and representatives throughout the world”;
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[those shown above in the brackets].
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