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aquaculture (s) (noun), aquacultures (pl)
The farming of ocean and freshwater plants and animals for human consumption; such as, fish or shellfish, algae, and other aquatic plants.

Mariculture is specifically marine aquaculture, and therefor is a subset of aquaculture. Some examples of aquaculture include raising catfish and tilapia in freshwater ponds, growing cultured pearls, and farming salmon in net-pens set out in a bay. Fish farming is a common type of aquaculture.

The area of the most intense aquaculture is found to be in southern Louisiana with over 125,000 acres (50,600 Hectares) of crayfish ponds.

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geothermal aquaculture (s) (noun), geothermal aquacultures (pl)
The use of geothermal heat in fish farming: Geothermal aquaculture is used to warm up the water in order to provide a controlled environment for the husbandry of marine organisms.