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aptitude (AP ti tood", AP ti tyood") (s) (noun), aptitudes (pl)
1. A natural ability to do something or to have the talent to obtain knowledge: Since Kelsey can speak five languages, she obviously has a great aptitude for learning languages.

Sam's son had no aptitude for sports, however he did have an aptitude for computer technology and so he spent more of his time studying to be a computer programmer.

2. An inherent competency, as for learning: Dwayne's son said that he would be taking a new test at school which was supposed to measure his aptitude for learning.
3. Etymology: from Latin aptitudo, "fitness"; from Latin aptus, "joined, fitted"; meaning from "natural capacity to learn" is from the 1540s; that of "quality of being fit for a purpose or position" is from the 1640's + -tude, "quality, condition of".
A natural or acquired talent or ability.
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An acquired or natural ability or talent for learning a skill or to do something. (1)