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apprentice (s) (noun), apprentices (pl)
1. Someone who is bound by a legal agreement to serve another person for a fixed period of time in order to learn a trade or a business: The apprentice of the silversmith had signed a four-year agreement to work and to learn how to develop skills in making articles out of silver as a professional craftsman.
2. Any learner or beginner: Sam's pet was an apprentice that was learning to be a "seeing-eye dog" for his blind daughter.
3. Etymology: from Old French aprentiz, "someone learning", from aprendre, (Modern French apprendre) "to learn, to teach"; contracted from Latin apprehendere, "to take hold of, to grasp"; from ad-, "to" + prehendere, "to seize".
Someone who is learning a trade or a profession.
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Beginners who are learning trades or professions. (1)