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apply (verb), applies; applied; applying
1. To put on or to contact by spreading something on a surface: "Lina applied some cream to Bill's sunburned skin."
2. To use or to put into action: "When the window wouldn't open, Jaden applied pressure to force it open."
3. To fit: "The parking restrictions don't apply after 6 p.m. nor on Sundays."
4. To concentrate on: "When Jason came back from his vacation, he seriously applied himself to his work."
5. To make a request or to ask formally for something: "Hayden applied for a job after his technical training was completed."
(Greek makhana, machana > Latin machina: machine, device, tool; an apparatus for applying mechanical power to do work; mekhanikos > machynen, decide a course of action, contrive, plot contrivance; a machine or the workings of machines)