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apostrophe (s) (noun), apostrophes (pl)
Symbolized as or ', the text character that marks the possessive form of a noun; for example, John’s book, or a place where one or more letters have been removed from a word or phrase; such as, isn’t or don't.
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If you look at it closely, youll see, no denying,
An apostrophes simply a comma thats flying.
Or, having no wings, like a salmon its leaping;
Its up, and its altitude somehow its keeping.
But the best it can do, at this height,
None too high,
Is to serve, as in "its,"
When youre lacking an "i,"
Or tell you its Mollys (her house)
Where theyre playing,
Or help when its "Top o the mornin"
Youre saying.
Or sayin or playin, yes, either of these,
If you—let us hope not—are droppin our gs.)

Though you know the apostrophes
Never in "his,"
"Its" and "its" can be tricky
Unless youre a whiz.
This being a mark thats not easy to use,
While youre crossing your ts
Mind your ps and your qs.

—This poem is compiled from On Your Marks, A Package of Punctuation
by Richard Armour; McGraw-Hill Book Company; New York; 1969; page 35.
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