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anticorruption, anti-corruption, anti corruption (s) (noun), anticorruptions, anti-corruptions, anti corruptions (pl)
1. Against dishonesty; especially, against bribery and dishonest gain: "Anti corruption, or incorruptness, includes the efforts of banks and other financial institutions to combat illegal activities and to prevent the laundering of proceeds of crime at the earliest possible opportunities."
2. Opposing moral perversion, degeneracy, and depravity.
3. Working against the destruction of honesty or opposed to undermining moral integrity.
4. Making efforts to stop the bribery of public officials who are willing to violate their proper responsibilities as office holders: "Australia's anti-corruption for development policy provides a framework for planning, resourcing, and reviewing anti corruption activities on a country and regional basis. Australia's approach to anti-corruption will focus on three mutually reinforcing elements."
5. Making efforts to stop decay or progressive putrescence, rottenness, or decay: "Keeping meat, dairy products, etc. in the refrigerator before consumption is a form of anticorruption."
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