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anticipate (verb), anticipates; anticipated; anticipating
1. To realize beforehand; to look forward to: "Anticipating that a shortage of wheat would cause a rise in price, the family bought extra amounts of flour."
2. To expect; to look forward to; to be sure of: "Sabina anticipated a favorable decision."
3. To perform an action before another person has had time to act.
4. To answer a question, to obey a command, or to satisfy a request before it is made: "Todd anticipated the orders issued by the court."
5. To nullify, to prevent, or to forestall by taking countermeasures in advance: "The citizens were anticipating a military attack."
6. To consider or mention before the proper time: "The speaker was anticipating more difficult questions."
7. To be before (another) in doing, thinking, achieving, etc.: "Many modern inventions were anticipated by Leonardo da Vinci."
8. To pay money before it is due.
9. To think, speak, act, or to feel an emotional response in advance.
(varied potential advancements in nanotechnology innovations)
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Nanotechnology and Anticipated Advancements
A wide range of applications for nanotechnology is anticipated.
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