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anonymous (adjective), more anonymous, most anonymous
1. A reference to someone whose name is not known or not given: A substantial financial supporter of the university wanted to remain an anonymous donor.
2. Referring to a performer’s or creator’s identity which is not revealed: Bert made an anonymous phone call to the police about a loud and threatening argument going on next door.
3. Concerning a lack of individuality or distinctiveness: Steve works in an anonymous building because it has no special features that separates it from other structures.
4. Descriptive of a person whose identity is obscured, not acknowledged, or who goes unnoticed: Despite his hard work and creativity, Aaron was just an anonymous person among his fellow workers.
Unknown authorship or no identification.
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Giving no name or of unknown writing.
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Without a writer's name.
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anonymous stranger (s) (noun), anonymous strangers
An unnamed stranger is someone who is not known and whose name has obviously not been revealed.

Could this be a pleonasm or a redundancy?

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An unknown authorship or a reference to someone whose name is not known or is not given. (3)