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animadvert (an" uh mad VUHRT, an" im uhd VUHRT) (verb), animadverts; animadverted; animadverting
1. To remark unfavorably or to comment critically about; usually, with strong disapproval: Chester's neighbor was animadverting about the loud noise he was making while mowing his grass with his lawn mower; especially, since it was so early in the morning.
2. To turn one's mind or attention to; to observe and to be aware of: While standing on the seashore, Patricia animadverted the birds that were flying over the waves.
3. Etymology: from Latin animadvertere; literally, "to turn the mind toward"; "to notice, to pay attention to", from animus, "mind, mental" + advertere, "to turn toward, to turn to"; from ad-, "to" + vertere, "to turn"; either in a negative manner or a more positive way.
To make an unfavorable remark or to criticize.
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To remark about unfavorably or to comment critically regarding something; usually, with strong disapproval. (1)