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anhedonia (s) (noun), anhedonias (pl)
1. Absence of pleasure from the performance of acts that would ordinarily be enjoyable: Saul said that he feared he was suffering from anhedonia because walking in the quiet forest gave him no pleasure.
2. The inability to feel pleasure: Sadie's severe depression brought on a state of anhedonia and she was unable to enjoy any of the things that she once loved to do.
An incapacity for feeling pleasure or happiness.
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musical anhedonia (s) (noun), musical anhedonias (pl)
The inability to enjoy music or the inability to find pleasure in musical tunes: "There are some people who have musical anhedonia and so their brains are apparently desensitized to the enjoyment of music."

"Abby doesn't want to listen to any of the radio programs that play music of any kind because she is unable to experience any pleasure from such sounds."

"Musical anhedonia is a newly-termed concept that focuses on idea that even though people who can feel pleasures from other things, music is not one of them."

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An inability to enjoy pleasures or happiness for things that are ordinarily enjoyable. (1)