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anaesthetic, anesthetic (s) (noun); anaesthetics, anesthetics (pl)
1. A drug or an agent that is capable of producing a complete or partial insensibility or loss of bodily sensations or feelings: Depending on the type of action, an anesthetic is subdivided into general and local applications.

There are anesthetics consisting of various drugs that can cause loss of feelings; such as, procaine or ether.

2. A medication that is administered locally or generally and produces a loss of sensation or awareness: When Angie had her appendix removed, she was given a general anesthetic.

Egotism is an internally-generated anesthetic which enables a conceited person to live painlessly with himself.

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anesthetic vaporizer (s) (noun), anesthetic vaporizers (pl)
A device for the gaseous state of a process that prevents pain, preferably at a constant temperature, into a carrier gas, usually oxygen, oxygen plus nitrous oxide, or air: An anesthetic vaporizer is a piece of equipment that is generally attached to an anesthetic machine which delivers a given concentration of a volatile anesthetic agent as it is needed by the medical staff for surgery, etc.
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Any chemical that will cause the loss of consciousness and immunity to pain.