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amnesic (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to a person who has a loss of memory or a fragmentary loss of memory: Jo's father was an amnesic patient in the retirement home and was quite unmindful when going outside for a walk in winter by totally forgetting to put on any type of winter clothing.
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amnesic aphasia, nominal aphasia
An aphasia in which the principal deficit is difficulty in naming people and objects which they have seen, heard, or felt; due to lesions in various portions of the language area.
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amnesic apraxia (s), amnesic apraxias (pl) (nouns)
The inability to produce a movement on command because it is forgotten, although the ability to perform the movement is present: "The woman's amnesic apraxia was demonstrated when she could do the same movements of her fingers and hands that the doctor did; however, when she was told to move her fingers and hands again when the physician didn't do it, she couldn't remember how to repeat the actions."
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