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ambivalence (am BIV uh luhns) (s) (noun), ambivalences (pl)
1. Behavior resulting from two incompatible motivations, often taking the form of a mixture of the two motivational tendencies: Charlene felt an ambivalence about her job since her previous supervisor retired and she now has one with a different approach to how things should be done.
2. The presence of two opposing ideas, attitudes, or emotions at the same time: Matthew has an ambivalence regarding where he should invest his money for his retirement.
3. A feeling of uncertainty about something because of a mental conflict: James was having an ambivalence about when he should have his hip operation because the doctor told him that he should try non-invasive treatments first.
A woman shows ambivalence towards her dog.
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Oh, Honeycup! How could my baby get so dirty!?
Stay down, you dirty dog! Don't jump on me!

When it comes to responding to the dog, the woman obviously has two ways of dealing with it.

—John Rayoa.
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