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allay; alley, alleys; alloy; ally; ally
allay (uh LAY) (verb)
1. To make something less severe or strong: The managers of the store tried to allay fears that some of the workers would lose their jobs.
2. To rest, to relieve: Medicine will allay a person's pain.
alley, alleys (AL ee) (noun)
1. A passageway, a narrow thoroughfare, narrow backstreet: There was a busy street in front of the house and an alley behind it.
2. Narrow passage: This alley leads nowhere.

Alley follows the simple rule of adding an “s” to become a plural; alley, alleys: Cats prowled the alleys of the town.

alloy (AL oi", uh LOI) (noun)
A metal made by melting and mixing two or more metals or a metal and another material mixed together: Part of the freezer was made of aluminum alloy.
ally (uh LIGH; AL igh) (noun)
Associate, partner, friend; collaborator: The United States was an ally of Great Britain in two world wars.

Don't confuse "alleys" with allies, the plural of ally: France was just one of the allies of the United States during the war.

ally (uh LIGH; AL igh) (verb)
To join with, band together: Many of the townspeople planned to ally themselves as a group in an effort to lower their taxes.

With money you can buy all the allies you want, but they are never worth the price.


It seemed to allay Fred's fears when he realized that the foundry that used a new alloy was just two alleys away from him; so he found himself an ally and they went there together.

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allay (verb), allays; allayed; allaying
To make something less strong or severe: The automobile company instructed its public relations department to allay the public's concerns about the safety of their new cars.
To calm down or to put at rest.
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To make something less severe or not as serious. (1)