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all ways (AWL wayz)
1. All the ways possible; in every way: "She investigated all the ways possible to find her missing sister."
2. The whole way; the entire distance, from start to finish: "He ran all the way home by himself."
all ways, always
all ways (AWL wayz) (noun)
1. Every existing possibility, every method: Angela Brown investigated all ways that were possible to find her missing sister.
2. The entire distance, from start to finish: All ways will be checked by the school staff to see what they need to do to for the poor child.
3. Every method, all possible techniques: The teachers tried in all ways to interest Mary in studying.
always (AWL wiz, AWL wayz) (adverb)
1. Every time, on every occasion, regularly, consistently: The office staff always start working at eight o'clock in the morning; however, their supervisor is always late.
2. Eternally, forever, perpetually: Abelard vowed that he would always love Heloise.
3. At any time; in any event: Jacob was told by the counselor that he could always get another job if he wanted to.

Even though Kimberly believed that she could always get a new job, she found out that she had to explore all ways of getting new employment; including advertising and talking with friends, before she could get the job that she really wanted.