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all ready (awl RED ee)
1. Everyone or everything is ready; quite ready; completely ready: "I was all ready to start my next job."
2. Allocate, assign, grant, provide: "Allow yourself at least an hour to get to the airport."
all ready, already
all ready (awl RED ee) (adjective)
Everyone or everything is prepared; quite ready in every particular; completely ready: Sally was all ready to start her next job.

Helder, Wilfredo, and Nelson will go to the office when they are all ready.

already (awl RED ee) (adverb)
1. By this time; soon: Judy, are you finished with your work already?
2. Before this time: Chris and Zofia arrived at noon but Connie had already gone.

When Chesley arrived, the bus had already gone.

Letty was all ready to go on her trip, but when she went to the bus station, she found out that the bus had already gone and so she had to wait two more hours for the next one.