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1. Concerning food, nourishment, and the organs of digestion.
2. Providing food or nourishment.

The Alimentary Canal

The digestion and absorption of food take place in a muscular tube that runs for over thirty feet (about nine meters) from the mouth to the anus. This is the digestive tract, sometimes referred to as the alimentary canal because we take our aliment (food) through it. It takes about fifteen hours for food to complete the trip through the alimentary canal.

—From "Stomach, Liver, and Pancreas" by Neil McAleer in The Body Almanac;
Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York; 1985; page 185.
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alimentary, elementary
alimentary (al" uh MEN tuh ree, al" uh MEN tree) (adjective)
Connected with food, nutrition: The surgeon removed an obstruction in Sam's alimentary canal so it could properly provide nourishment for his body again.
elementary (el" uh MEN tuh ree, el" uh MEN tree) (adjective)
Connected with rudiments, fundamentals: Zack has just started going to elementary school.

When Victor was in elementary school, he said that he learned more than he ever wanted to know about the workings of the alimentary canals in earth worms.

(Latin: ring, an iron ring for the feet; circle; (so called because of its form); usually the posterior opening of the alimentary canal through which undigested food is voided; the anus)
(Greek: pharynx [the alimentary canal between the palate and the esophagus]; part of the neck or throat)
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apparatus digestorius, digestive apparatus, systema digestorium, digestive organs, digestive system, alimentary system
The mouth, pharynx, and alimentary tract and their associated glands and organs; which are concerned with digestion, absorption, and excretion of food products: Suffering from constant digestive problems, Sid finally had a thorough series of medical tests on his apparatus digestorius.
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1. Of or relating to nourishment or nutrition.
2. Furnishing sustenance or maintenance.
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alimentary canal (s) (noun), alimentary canals (pl)
A tube adapted for digestion, through which food passes: The alimentary canal is a complex organ consisting of the mouth cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and the small and large intestines.
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