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alexia (s) (noun), alexias (pl)
1. A neurologic disorder marked by loss of the ability to understand written or printed language, usually resulting from a brain lesion or a congenital defect: Alexia is also called "word blindness", "text blindness", and "visual aphasia".

In addition to the previous applicable terms for the word alexia, research has also provided us with "optical alexia", "sensory alexia", and "visual alexia"; however, it is not the same as "motor alexia" (anarthria), in which there is a loss of the power to read out loud although the significance of what is written or printed may be understood.

2. A disorder in reading ability: Alexia is differentiated from dyslexia, which is a developmental problem in reading.

Strictly speaking, lexus and its derivatives refer to speech, not reading, because they are based on the Greek verb legein, "to speak", and not on the Latin verb legere, "to read". Current usage of alexia appears to reflect an etymological error that has been accepted for so long that to insist on correcting it might be useless.

—Compiled from information located in the
Psychiatric Dictionary, 7th Ed., Robert J. Campbell, M.D.;
Oxford University Press; New York; 1996; page 30.