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alectryomachy (uh lek" tri AHM uh ki), alectoromachy, alektoromachy (s) (noun); alectryomachies, alectoromachies, alektoromachies (pl)
1. Cock fighting, or rooster fighting.
2. Etymology: compounded of Greek alectryko, "cock, rooster" plus machy, "battle, fight".
Chickens attack woman.

Attack! We don't want to be bagged and thrown into a big ditch and burned alive because these humans think we cause avian flu!

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Is it possible that Alectryomachy, which was originally the fighting of roosters against each other, may now be roosters (and chickens in general) fighting against humans for self-defense and for their survival?

If you watch TV as people make wholesale attacks on chickens in efforts to suppress avian flu, who could blame chickens for striking back? This becomes particularly a rational result of seeing chickens being stuffed into plastic bags, while still alive, and so slowly suffocating to death with other members of their species or being burned alive.

I did not become a vegetarian for my health. I did it for the health of the chickens.

—Isaac Bashevis Singer
alectryomachy, alektoromachy
Chickens attack humans in self defense.

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The revolt of the chickens is discussed at alectryomachy.

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