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1. A human being distinguished by the congenital absence (partial or total) of coloring pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes, so that the former are abnormally white, and the latter of a pink color, and unable to bear the ordinary light.
2. By extension, any animal having the same peculiarity, as white mice, rabbits, cats, elephants, etc.
3. Sometimes also said of plants in which no chlorophyll is developed in the leaves. Also known as albinism.

The term was originally applied to black Africans who were mottled with white spots (according to Webster's New International Dictionary, 2nd ed., unabridged; G&C Merriam Co., Springfield, MA; 1950).

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A relatively rare, genetically recessive condition characterized by the inability to synthesize melanin (dark pigment produced by the body which gives color to the skin, hair and eyes) or lacking pigmentation which results in white hair and pink eyes.
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