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Albanian (Shqip) months
janar/kallnor or kallnuer (January)
shkurt (February)
mars (March)
prill (April)
maj (May)
qershor (June)
korrik (July)
gusht (August)
shtator (September)
tetor (October)
nëntor (November)
dhjetor (December)
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The Albanian or Shqip Language

There are about four million speakers of Albanian, three million of which are in Albania, one and a half million in the former Yugoslavia, and some in Italy and Greece.

The Albanians refer to their language as shqip and their country as Shqipëria. Two major dialects are Tosk, spoken in the south, and Gheg, in the north.

Albanians started to use the Roman alphabet in 1908 and it contains many words which are not found in any other Indo-European language, although Latin, Greek, Turkish, and Slavic languages have been incorporated into it.

Albanian is a separate and independent branch of the Indo-European language. Its origin is not known and scholars could not prove its membership as a member of the Indo-European family of languages until 1854.

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