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Albanian (Shqip) days
e hënë [mandi] (Monday)
e martë [tjuuzdi] (Tuesday)
e mërkurë [wenzdi] (Wednesday)
e enjte [thëërzdi] (Thursday)
e premte [frajdi] (Friday)
e shtunë [sŠtërdi] (Saturday)
e dielë (djelë) [sandi] (Sunday)

Hënë, or Hanë(e) is vernacular for “moon.”

Martë and Mërkure refer to Mars and Mercury, respectively.

Enjte is thought to have come from a local deity identified with Zeus.

Premte may mean "evening". If so, it may either mean: (1) "eve" or "vigil" and is equivalent to the church term "preparation" or (2) it is another name for "Venus", "Hesperus", or "evening star".

Since the other names are not church terms, #2 is most likely the meaning (according to F.H. Colson).

Dielë, or Dielli, is believed to be the vernacular for "sun".

—From The Week,
an Essay on the "Origin and Development of the Seven-Day Cycle"
by Francis H. Colso; Cambridge University Press;
Cambridge, England; 1926; pages 119-120.
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