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What an octopus is, all arms.
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false alarm (s) (noun), false alarms (pl)
1. A loud, repetitive noise that is used to mislead people into thinking that there is a crisis, or a life-threatening situation, when there really is none: The false alarm at the school resulted in firefighters going there for nothing.
2. Something that causes people to wrongly believe that a bad or dangerous thing is going to happen: The report in the news which indicated that the company was going out of business was just another one of those false alarms.
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alarm (s) (noun), alarms (pl)
1. A device for giving a warning of danger: The new fire alarm was installed in Ethan's apartment the other day.
2. A security device installed in property; especially, a house or car, to make a warning sound if a break-in or theft is attempted: The new system for the crime-prevention alarms were very loud and so they would help protect the store from criminal invasions.
3. Clocks or watches that will sound off when set: There are time mechanisms that provide alarms for people.
4. Fear caused by the perception of or the sudden sense of imminent danger: Chrissy's parents have expressed alarm about her safety when she goes hiking in the mountains.
5. Etymology: from the old French summons to battle a l'arme!, "to arms!" It seems to be a far cry from the modern alarm clock; yet, that is actually the content of the word's development."

A l'arme! was first the call itself and then, in the form alarme, it became the name of this sudden summons.

The English alarm, which comes from this origin, first had the same meaning, but gradually broadened to indicate a warning signal of any kind of danger, and then the apparatus for giving this signal; such as, a fire alarm.

It is interesting to also note that alarm has developed an additional meaning: the fear which results from a warning of danger.

—Compiled from information located in
Picturesque Word Origins; G. & C. Merriam Company;
Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A; 1933; page 13.
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alarm (verb), alarms; alarmed; alarming
To feel a sense of danger or to worry or to frighten someone: The rapid spread of the disease was alarming many people.
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snooze button, snooze alarm (s) (noun), snooze buttons, snooze alarms (pl)
A button on an alarm clock which stops the alarm from making noise for a short time so the sleeper can rest for a few more minutes: Each morning when the alarm is heard, Eric reaches over and presses on the snooze button so he can sleep for another eight minutes.
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