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aelurophobia, ailurophobia, elurophobia (s) (noun); aelurophobias; ailurophobias; elurophobias (pl)
An excessive or abnormal terror or panic of being close to any felines: Usually anyone who has aelurophobia dreads the thought of being clawed by them.

Some people react with shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, or feelings of extreme anxiety just at the sight of a cat, while for others aelurophobia is induced only if the creature comes very close or touches them.

In its most abnormal condition, a person who has an ailurophobia may stay home in order to avoid encountering a cat in the street or, in extreme cases, of even seeing one when he or she is in a vehicle.

A serious fear and anxiety about being near cats.
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An excessive or abnormal terror of being around cats. (1)