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ail (AYL)
1. To feel sick, be ill, have pain: "My friend is ailing as a result of the prescription pills she had to take."
2. Bother, annoy, distress, worry; afflict, sicken: "Showing a little sadness in my demeanor, I was asked what was ailing me."
ail, ale
ail (AYL) (verb)
1. To feel sick, be ill, have pain: In the days of traveling medicine men; such as, Horace Henry, they often proclaimed: "This medicine is good for whatever may ail you."
2. To cause uneasiness or pain; to afflict, to sicken: Because Roberta was showing a little sadness in her demeanor, her colleagues at work were wondering what could possibly ail her.
ale (AYL) (noun)
A bitter beer; a fermented alcoholic beverage containing malt and hops, similar to but heavier than beer: When George went to the store, he had a thirst for ale instead of the more bland lite beer.

If the football crowd drinks too much ale at the game, they will begin to ail before they get home.