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aid, aide
aid (AYD) (verb)
1. To help, assist, give a helping hand: Greg Darmaga, a columnist in the local newspaper, wrote that there are not enough organizations that give aid to the poor.
2. To foster, promote; make easy: Sometimes a good dictionary is a good tool to aid in the improvement of a person's English language.
aide (AYD) (noun)
An assistant or an adjutant: The colonel served as an aide (aide-de-camp) or military assistant and a confidential assistant, for General Roberts.

If Renata continues to behave in an unruly manner, no one will come to her aid; but last week, she was fortunate because her doctor sent a very talented aide to give her the medication that she needed.

aide (AYD)
An assistant or an aide-de-camp: "An officer in a military organization who serves as an assistant and confidential secretary to a superior officer."
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