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aid (AYD)
1. Help, assist, abet, lend assistance, give a helping hand; support, give support to: "There are not enough organizations that give aid to the poor."
2. Foster, further, promote, advance; facilitate, make easy, serve: "A good dictionary is an essential aid in the improvement of the English language."
3. Etymology: about 1400, from Old French aidier, "help, assistance"; from Latin adjutare, frequentative of adiuvare and adjutus, "to give help to".
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aid, aide
aid (AYD) (verb)
1. To help, assist, give a helping hand: Greg Darmaga, a columnist in the local newspaper, wrote that there are not enough organizations that give aid to the poor.
2. To foster, promote; make easy: Sometimes a good dictionary is a good tool to aid in the improvement of a person's English language.
aide (AYD) (noun)
An assistant or an adjutant: The colonel served as an aide (aide-de-camp) or military assistant and a confidential assistant, for General Roberts.

If Renata continues to behave in an unruly manner, no one will come to her aid; but last week, she was fortunate because her doctor sent a very talented aide to give her the medication that she needed.

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aid and abet (verb), aids and abets; aided and abetted; aiding and abetting
1. To help a person, or people, to commit a crime: The lawyer's client was aiding and abetting the bank robbers by driving the getaway car.
2. Etymology: This terminology is considered to be a lawyer's redundancy since abet means the same thing as aid, which gives credence to the old rumor that lawyers used to be paid by the word as illustrated by the following statements as shown below.

To help, assist, or to facilitate the commission of a crime, to promote the accomplishment thereof, to help in advancing or bringing it about, or to encourage, counsel, or to incite as to its commission.

Aid and abet includes all the assistance rendered by words, acts, encouragement, support, or presence, actual or constructive, to render assistance if necessary.

—Compiled from information provided by Black's Law Dictionary;
Sixth Edition; by Henry Campbell Black, M.A.; West Publishing Co.;
St. Paul, Minn; 1990, page 68.
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