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agrarian (s) (noun), agrarians (pl)
An individual who approves of a just and equal division of land: In the story Alice was reading, the governing officials were agrarians who thought that the countryside should be divided into equal parts, one part for each family living there.
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agrarian (adjective), more agrarian, most agrarian
1. In Roman history, relating to the land: An agrarian epithet of a law (Lex agraria) was intended for the division of conquered lands.
2. Relating to, or connected with, landed property: In the book that Jane was reading, agrarian reforms were in progress to improve the status of famers tending to their farm land.
3. Of, relating to, or connected with cultivated land or its cultivation: A agrarian calendar is still used in schools to indicate when children are needed at home to do planting or harvesting in the summer.
4. In botany, pertaining to plants growing wild in the fields: The agrarian flowers and thistles were absolutely beautiful in the open meadows.

The name for an agrarian region was proposed for the lowest of the altitudinal zones of vegetation within the limits of the cultivation of corn.

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