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agnosia (s) (noun), agnosias (pl)
1. The inability to recognize certain sensory stimuli: Because of an extensive neural damage as the result of the car accident, Paul's friend experienced aural agnosia.
2. Loss of the ability to recognize people or objects and their meanings: A tragic consequence of the industrial accident was the onset of agnosia making it impossible for some of the workers to continue working because they couldn't remember how to perform their jobs anymore.
3. In medicine, losses of comprehensions at the levels of central nervous systems of any of the senses: The sensory spheres of the agnosias may be intact, but Linda is unable to assimilate the meanings of whatever the senses indicate.
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autotopagnosia, body-image agnosia
1. The inability to recognize or correctly orient the parts of one's own body.
2. The inability to localize and name the parts of one's own body; finger agnosia would be autotopagnosia restricted to the fingers.
3. A disorder of the body image, because of a lesion of the parietal cortex in the nondominant hemisphere or organic brain damage, characterized by an inability to relate the parts of one's own body to extrapersonal space often with the consequent loss of topographical orientation.

Sometimes the affected individual is also unable to identify and interrelate to the parts of the body of another individual or even with a model.

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primary visual agnosia (s) (noun), primary visual agnosias (pl)
One or several impairments in visual recognition without any apparent damage of intelligence, motivation, or attention when vision is usually intact and the mind is clear: Individuals who are diagnosed with primary visual agnosia find that objects may be identified by touch, sound, or smell. They may not be able to identify a set of house keys by sight; however, it is possible for the person to recognize the keys when they are held in his or her hands.