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agile (adjective), more agile, most agile
1. Referring to a person or animal able to move quickly and with suppleness, skill, and control: The members of the trapeze troupe were all very agile and never made a mistake in their perfmance.
2. The ability to think quickly and intelligently; alert: Even though Ingrid was a centenarian, she still had an agile mind.
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agile reader
A generic term that usually refers to an RFID reader that can read tags operating at different frequencies or using different methods of communication between the tags and readers.
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electronically agile radar
1. An airborne radar in which the beam from phased array antennae changes form and direction according to electronic velocities or speeds.
2. An airborne radar that uses a phased-array antenna which changes radar-beam forms and beam positions at electronic speeds.

When combined with digital processing of the radar returns, it can simultaneously provide such functions as beacon-locating, forward-looking mapping, navigation updating, terrain avoidance, and terrain-following in manned strategic bombers and other aircraft.

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