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age (s) (noun), ages (pl)
1. The condition of being old: The jacket Alice wore for gardening showed many signs of age.
2. The number of years, months, days, etc. that a person has lived: Tony asked his friend if he were the same age as Greg.
3. One of the periods of life: When Mrs. Thompson reached middle age, she noticed that she couldn't run as fast as she could when she was younger.
4. An important period of time in the Earth's history: The Bronze Age or the Iron Age are two examples of great periods in the history of the Earth.
5. A generation: In their town there was a large complex with three ages living in it, grandparents, parents, and children!
5. The later stage of life: Mary asked her grandfather, "Does wisdom automatically come with age?"
6. A long time: It seemed like ages when Max waited for the bus to come.
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Industrial Age (s) (noun), Industrial Ages (pl)
The period in human development starting with the Industrial Revolution and progressing into the present time: "There are some people who describe the Industrial Age as the Postindustrial Age because of the reduction of traditional manufacturing as opposed to the service economy or an economic system or sector based on the buying and selling of services."
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pedologic age (s) (noun), pedologic ages (pl)
The relative maturity of a soil profile: In class Susan learned about the pedologic age as being the matureness or age of the of the earth's soils, shown in various layers.
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anatomic age (s) (noun), anatomic ages (pl)
The estimated age of an individual based on the person's structure: Anatomic age is the physical age of a human being and relates to the development or deterioration of the body as compared to that of other people of the same chronological age.
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retirement age (s) (noun), retirement ages (pl)
The age at which workers generally are no longer required to work for a living; especially, the age at which a pension is payable: The union contract for the agency stipulates an open retirement age for union members; in other words, there is no mandatory age for retirement.
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