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addenda, addendum, agenda
addenda (uh DEN duh) (noun, plural)
Things to be added, as in a supplement or an appendix: The author included three addenda of new materials in his book.
addendum (uh DEN dum) (noun), singular
Something that has been added in a written document: The report has an addendum clarifying certain procedural actions.
agenda (uh JEN duh) (noun)
A list of things to be done at a meeting; schedule, program: What is on your agenda today?

Agenda was originally the plural of Latin "agendum" (thing to be done) and is still considered by some to be a plural form.

In modern English; however, agenda is usually considered as the singular form with agendas the plural: What is on the agenda for the meeting?

The secretary kept track of the two executives’ agendas.

After his secretary printed the new agenda, Gordan realized he also needed the revised addenda which should be printed in an addendum.

agenda (uh JEN duhz) (s) (noun), agendas: agendae (pl)
1. A list of issues to be discussed at a meeting: The teachers read through the agenda before the staff conference began.
2. An efficient and systematic plan of topics to be taken care of: The secretary kept track of the agendas of the two executives.

The better informed person will use agenda for the plural and agendum for the singular usage.

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agendum (s) (noun), agenda; agendas (pl)
Things to be done, such as a memoranda of items to be considered at a meeting: Agenda was the plural form in the original Latin, but now is often used as a singular in English, in the sense of "list" and followed by a singular verb.

So well-established is agenda as a singular that "agendas" is now commonly heard and seen as the plural form, however the correct Latin singular is agendum.

The agendum is whether the teaching staff wants an extended school year or not.

The agenda have been established for the next business meeting.

Something to be done.
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A record or schedule that will be discussed at a meeting .
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