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agency (s) (noun), agencies (pl)
1. An organization, especially a company, that acts as the agent, representative, or subcontractor of a person or another company: Because Jack was out of work, he went to the employment agency to see if there was a job for him in his town.
2. An administrative division of a government or international organization: One example of such an agency is a United Nations agency.
3. The building or offices where a business negotiates deals for clients is located: The Johnson family was looking for a new home, so they went to the real estateagency in town.
4. The action, medium, or means by which something is accomplished: Sally though that work would be the best agency in order to forget her problems.
5. A legal relationship involving a person, the principal, and someone else who acts for the person, the agent; or the area of the law concerned with such relationships: Ingrid, who could not take care of herself anymore, had been confirmed incompetent and had an agency, or legal representation, to take care of her official letters, banking, etc.
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(Greek: a suffix: to spread, to disperse; to move, to go; to withdraw, to advance; a means or agency for distribution)
(situation in which less and less is done by more and more officials; government agency where after all is said and done, more is said than done)
(an agency where after all is said and done, more is said than done.)
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European Space Agency, ESA
The organization of European countries which is dedicated to the exploration of space research and technology and was founded in 1975 with its headquarters in Paris, France.
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U.S. agency offers start-up fund to inventors aiming for the stars
start-up fund:

"The U.S. government agency that helped invent the Internet now wants to do the same for travel to the stars."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; page 1.