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agape (s)
1. Christian love.
2. Spiritual, as opposed to sexual, love.
3. The love feast accompanied by Eucharistic celebration in the early Christian church.

In Christian Theology, God's love for man, divine love; or spontaneous, altruistic love.

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agape (Greek)

A love-feast. The early Christians held a love feast in conjunction with the Lord's Supper when the rich provided food for the poor. Eventually they became a scandal and were condemned by the Council of Carthage in A.D. 397.

Today it may be considered a feast or gathering characterized by friendliness and a good feeling for each other. For some people, it also represents God's love and is not considered to be on the same level as love between human beings.

This "love" unit about agape words goes beyond the well-known "Christian love" concept.

(Greek > Latin: love feast of the early Christians; love, love feast; to love)
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Aletheuontes de en Agape.
Speaking the truth in love.

A transliteration of the Greek motto of Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

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