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affront (verb), affronts; affronted; affronting
1. To intentionally insult someone; especially, openly in order to cause displeasure, anger, and resentment: Don't affront the speaker by asking him such rude questions.
2. To do or to say something which shows a lack of respect or consideration for another person's feelings: The customer was affronted by the salesperson's rude behavior.
3. Making an obvious and intentional offense, slight, or insult: The supervisor affronted his employee by saying, "Your proposals have no practical value; so, don't make such suggestions again".

Someone can insult another person in private; however, when anyone is affronted, it is done in public.

3. Etymology: fron Latin ad-, "to" + frons, "forehead"; originally "to confront a person face to face".
To disrespect or to openly insult.
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To face in defiance.
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To intentionally insult or to offend someone with some kind of disrespectful action or words. (2)