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afflatus (s) (noun), afflatuses (pl)
1. Creative inspiration, usually thought of as being from a divine source: It was considered to be a spiritual afflatus for the members of the convent to go on a pilgrimage to the mountain hermitage.
2. A strong creative impulse, especially from a supernatural inspiration: Harriet's inspirational poetry seemed to come from an afflatus.
3. Etymology: "a miraculous reception of heavenly knowledge" which is from Latin afflatus, "a breathing upon, a blast", from the past participle stem of afflare, "to blow upon"; from ad-, "to" + flare, "to blow".
Inspiration from a divine source.
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afflatus (uh FLAY tuhs)
1. A strong creative impulse; especially, as a result of divine inspiration.
2. A creative impulse; an inspiration, usually thought of as divine.
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A creative inspiration or impulse, as a result of a divine inspiration. (1)