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affinity (uh FIN uh tee) (s) (noun), affinities (pl)
1. A feeling of closeness, understanding, and sympathy between people: Some classical musicians also have an affinity for jazz.
2. Family resemblance or a relationship by marriage: There was a special affinity between the two friends apparently because they were also cousins.
3. An inherent similarity between people or things: There is a close affinity between lemons and limes.

Sarah felt an affinity with all of those who suffered because their pains were also her pains.

4. Etymology: Affinity comes from Latin affinitas, which means "kinship by marriage, as distinct from blood kinship".

In the 18th century, naturalists started to use affinity to mean a family resemblance (as between cats and lions).

A natural attraction to someone.
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A feeling of closeness, understanding, and sympathy between people; an exceptional physical attraction for another person or situation. (1)