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affectation (s) (noun), affectations (pl)
1. An attempt to assume or to show what is not natural or real; a false display; an artificial show: Fay's affectations included wearing fancy clothing, driving an expensive car, and always ordering very expensive meals at restaurants.
2. An unusual mannerism or behavior that is not natural: Fred Black had a peculiar affectation of constantly putting his hat on and taking it off again which made some people think that he had an uncontrollable desire or compulsion to do this.
3. A particular habit; such as, speech or dress that is adopted to give an impression that is not real or true: Andre's high-toned English accent was an affectation which he assumed when auditioning for a part in a new theater production.
Artificial behavior or mannerisms to impress another person.
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An attempt to assume to be something that is not genuine.
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Any artificial behavior or a fake mannerism that is used to impress another person or people which is not natural or real. (2)