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affect (uh FEKT)
1. As a verb, to influence, to act on, to modfy, to impinge on, to produce an effect on, to change, to modify; concern, relate to, pertain to, interest, regard: "The rain will affect our plans for a picnic."
2. To pretend, to feign, to put on, to simulate, to make a pretense of, to assume, to adopt, to imitate, to counterfeit: "She is from New York, but she affects a British accent."
3. As a noun, a feeling, an emotion, a desire: "The affect of her speech was to cause anger and great dissension."
affect (verb), affects; affected; affecting
affect, affect, effect, effect
affect (uh FEKT) (verb)
1. To influence, to act on, to modify, to pertain to: The rain will affect Nellie's plans for a picnic with her family and friends.

The soft, gentle breezes affect her disposition.

2. To pretend, to feign: Although Joy is from New York; as an actress, she had to affect a British accent.
affect (uh FEKT) (noun)
A feeling, an emotion: The affect of the patient in the clinic appeared to be very flat and unemotional.

effect (i FEKT) (noun)
1. A result, a change; usually; a consequence: The farmers in this area felt the effect of the drought for several years.

The soft gentle breezes have an effect on Marvin's disposition.

2. Influence, power, force: The plea for clemency had no effect on the judge.
effect (i FEKT) (verb)
1. Actuality, fact, reality: Heidi's insult really did effect her friendship with Claudia in a negative way.
2. To produce, to accomplish, to bring about: Does the new hairdo effect Lydia's appearance?

The affect of the curve ball did not effect the batter's hitting a home run.