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aerotropolis (air oh TROP uh lis; air oh TRAHP uh lis) (s) (noun), aerotropoli (pl)
1. A city in which the layout, infrastructure, and economy are centered around a major airport: An aerotropolis has an airport city core and an outlying area of business stretching along transportation corridors.

It is also called an "aviation city" or an "airport city". In its purest form, the aerotropolis is an economic hub that extends out from a large airport into a surrounding area which consists mostly of distribution centers, office buildings, light manufacturing firms, convention centers, and hotels, all linked to the airport via roads, expressways, or "aerolinks", and rail lines , or "aerotrains". This business-centered version of the aerotropolis is also called an "air-commerce cluster" or an "airport cluster".

Although the plural of metropolis is often rendered as "metropolises", the plural of aerotropolis isn't "aerotropolises." Instead it is aerotropoli. The difference is probably because more people are now using "metropoli" as the plural of "metropolis", a usage change that dictionaries have not yet incorporated, although it has been in usage since about 1978.

—Compiled from information presented by Paul McFedries at Word Spy.

2. Etymology: the problem with the creation of this new word is that the coinage has torn off a piece of metro [tro], "mother" and added it to aero, "air" and then added polis, "city"; making it more complicated than necessary. It would have been better to make the word aeropolis (s), aeropoli (pl), "air city".

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