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aerocole (verb), aerocoles; aerocoled; aerocoling

To live in or to inhabit the air or the wind as a means of surviving; such as, most birds, bats, and certain insects.

  • Garden flowers which sway in the wind are aerocoling pollen in the breezes which are distributed to other flowers.
  • Most birds aerocole; for example, hummingbirds that are extracting nectar from flowers and swallows that are feeding on air borne insects.
  • Bats are the only mammals that are capable of aerocoling and they exist in several different habitats; including tropical, subtropical, and temperate forests; as well as, savanna grasslands, deserts, and wetlands.
  • Bats aerocole by eating fruits and insects, drinking nectar and eating pollen, and a few even suck the blood of large animals; while some of the others eat fish, frogs, and other bats.
—Source: Smithsonian Natural History, page 550.
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