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aerie (ER ee, IR ee) (s) (noun), aeries (pl)
1. The nest of an eagle, hawk, or other bird of prey that has a nest in a high place: The hikers could see an adult eagle taking food to its young in the aerie.
2. A house, habitation, or living quarters of a person, or people, which is located on a high place: Living on the 85th floor of the high rise condominium made Jennifer feel as if she were living in an aerie high above the city.
A nest of a bird of prey that is build on a lofty or high crag or peak.
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aerie; airy; eerie, eery
aerie (ER ee, IR ee) (noun)
The nest of an eagle, or other bird of prey, which is constructed in a high place: The ornithologist was able to see the eagle's aerie on the side of the mountain.
airy (ER ee) (adjective)
1. Well ventilated: The castle halls were large and airy.
2. Jaunty, sprightly, lively, frolicsome: The little goats hopped around in an airy way.

"The band played an airy tune."

3. Imaginary, fanciful, dreamy, ethereal, unrealistic: The daydreamer's head was full of airy thoughts.
eerie, eery (IR ee) (adjective)
So strange as to inspire a feeling of fear; uneasy because of superstitious fear; ominous, ghostly, spooky: Seeing the old graveyard at night usually gave any visitors there an eerie (or eery) feeling.

Seeing the aerie of the eagle in the airy forest gave Glenda an eerie feeling.