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advocate (s) (AD vuh kit") (noun), advocates (pl)
1. Someone who argues for a cause: Shirley has been a supporter, a defender, and an advocate of civil rights for many years and her husband has also been a tireless advocate of social reform.
2. People who plead in behalf or others or who are intercessors: Tina's parents have been advocates for abused children and spouses in a variety of media and social movements.
3. An individual with legal training who supports or intercedes for other people: The advocate who Jane hired to plead her case in the traffic court was successful and so she didn't have to pay a large fine.
advocate (AD vuh kayt") (verb), advocates; advocated; advocating
To urge, to suggest, or to exhort in support of someone or something: In court during the weekend, Karl's friend advocated for a former student who had been sleeping in the park.
To support or to publicly recommend.
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To speak in favor of a cause.
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To publicly agree with a statement.
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To strongly speak and recommend an issue or cause.
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advocate (AD vuh kayt")
A cate that is full of advice as to what others should do or that argues for a cause and supports or defends certain issues.
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To argue or to plead in favor of or to publicly recommend something. (2)