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advice, advise
advice (ad VIGHS) (noun)
1. A recommended opinion; counsel: Since this was a legal matter, the company was urged to get a lawyer’s advice.
2. Formal or official information about something; intelligence, news, report: Advice from abroad indicated that war was about to begin.
advise (ad VIGHZ) (verb)
1. To offer an opinion or a course of action; to counsel; to recommend: Jane's parents wanted to advise her to reconsider her decision to sell her car.

Lorraine will advise her friend to get a second medical opinion for the treatment of her ailment.

2. To inform, tell, notify, make known: The weather report did advise the community that the roads were too icy for the trip.

"Jackie, Derrick wants to advise you to take Glenn's advice and to continually increase your vocabulary skills as often as possible."

advise (ad VIGHZ) (verb), advises; advised; advising
1. To offer an opinion or a course of action; to counsel; to notify, to recommend: Sidney advised Jon to reconsider his decision to sell his car.
2. To inform, tell, notify, make known, communicate: Mary and Richard have been advised that the roads were too icy for the trip that they were planning to take.
3. To give an opinion or suggestion to someone about what should be done: Shirley advises the President on foreign affairs.

Howard's lawyer is advising him about whether he should buy the house under such financial conditions.

4. Etymology: from Old French avis, "opinion"; which came from Old French ce m'est à vis, "it seems to me"; or from Vulgar (common) Latin mi est visum, "in my view"; and originally from Latin ad-, "to" + visum; past participle of videre, "to see".
This entry is located in the following units: ad- (page 11) vid-, video-, vis-, -vision, -visional, -visionally, visuo-, vu- (page 1)
(Latin: monere, to warn; to remind, to advise, to instruct)
(Latin: suavis, "sweet"; suadere, "to advise"; "to make something pleasant to, to present in a pleasing manner"; hence "to recommend, to advise")