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advice (quotes)
1. Something which is "more blessed to give than to receive".
2. Something which old men give to young men when they can no longer provide them with a bad example.
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advice (s) (noun), advices (pl)
1. An opinion, suggestion, or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.: William and Sharon decided to act on their father's advice to get married.
2. An opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem; to give counsel: Since it was a legal matter, Mike was urged to get a lawyer’s advice before he got involved in the business deal.
4. Formal or official information about something; intelligence, news report: Advice from abroad indicated that war was about to begin.
5. Etymology: from Latin ad-, "to" + visum, past participle of videre, "to see".

Advice is what you get from your parents when you are growing up, and from your children when you are growing old.

—Evan Esar

It’s a pleasure to give advice, humiliating to need it, normal to ignore it.

—E.C. McKenzie
advice, advise
advice (ad VIGHS) (noun)
1. A recommended opinion; counsel: Since this was a legal matter, the company was urged to get a lawyer’s advice.
2. Formal or official information about something; intelligence, news, report: Advice from abroad indicated that war was about to begin.
advise (ad VIGHZ) (verb)
1. To offer an opinion or a course of action; to counsel; to recommend: Jane's parents wanted to advise her to reconsider her decision to sell her car.

Lorraine will advise her friend to get a second medical opinion for the treatment of her ailment.

2. To inform, tell, notify, make known: The weather report did advise the community that the roads were too icy for the trip.

"Jackie, Derrick wants to advise you to take Glenn's advice and to continually increase your vocabulary skills as often as possible."

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(suggestions; one of those situations where most people prefer to give than to receive)
(Latin: to deliberate together, to consider; a magistrate in ancient Rome who sought information or advice from the Roman Senate)
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1. Talking to someone whose mind is already made up.
2. A drug in the market in which the supply always exceeds the demand.
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Writer with mysophobia asking Ann Landers for advice

Dear Ann Landers:

Is there a medical name for a disorder that causes a person to be unduly concerned with germs and cleanliness? If there is, I have it.

I am obsessed with cleaning and talk about it all the time. I rinse by glasses and cups before I use them even though they have been washed with soap before I put them in the dishwasher. I always use the sanitize cycle.

I clean the homes of relatives and friends when I am a guest even though I've been told not do do it because it makes them uncomfortable. I just can't help myself, Ann. Everything around me must be in perfect order.

I imagine I have every symptom of every disease I hear about and worry constantly about being contaminated by unclean persons in public places. I could go on and on about my strange behavior, but I think you get the picture.

Please let me know what I can do to break this crazy pattern. It is as annoying to me as it is to others. I need help.

—Antiseptic and Sick of It

Dear Anti:

Don't despair. A problem identified is a problem half solved. You are suffering from a form of mental illness called mysophobia.

You need to get some counseling and find out why you feel so inadequate that you must compensate by knocking yourself out to prove that you are simply marvelous at something; in this case, chasing dirt.

There are no medals for women like you. I urge you to get into counseling and conquer this obsessive-compulsive behavior that is taking over your life.

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