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adversus (masculine), adversa (feminine), adversum (neuter)
1. Set opposite, adverse, having been set against.

Ne Hercules quidem adversus duos.

"Not even Hercules fights against two."

2. Turned toward, having been turned toward.
Word Entries containing the term: “adversus
Adversus solem ne loquitor.
"Don't speak against the sun."

Also translated as, "Don't waste your time arguing the obvious."

When confronted by an important, irrefutable fact, there is no point in arguing about it any further.

Cum omnibus pacem, adversus vitia bellum.
Peace to all but battle to the vicious.

Motto of Otto II (973-983), who was already crowned and anointed emperor in Rome in 967 during his father's reign. After having successfully repelled the attacking Danes and warding off an attempt by the West Franks to seize Lorraine, his campaign in Southern Italy for his wife's hereditary claims ended in defeat. After a splendid assembly at Verona, he suddenly died at the age of 28 and is buried in St. Peter's, in Rome.