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adverse (ad VURS, AD vurs") (adjective), more adverse, most adverse
1. Relating to someone or something that is opposed to or hostile toward another person or thing; unfavorable and negative: Adverse winds prevented the plane from arriving on time.

Adverse winds usually reduce the speed of sailing vessels.

When striving to achieve a worthy objective, everyone should not be discouraged by adverse criticism.

High interest rates are adverse to increasing the sales of houses.
2. Etymology: from Old French avers (Modern French adverse); from Latin adversus, "turned against"; therefore, "hostile"; past participle of advertere, from ad-, "to" + vertere, "to turn".

Conflicting with and contrary to one's interests; unfortunate.
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adverse, averse
adverse (ad VURS, AD vurs") (adjective)
Opposed to, hostile to; unfavorable, contrary: Adverse winds prevented the plane from arriving on time.
Do not be discouraged by adverse criticism.
averse (uh VURS) (adjective)
Disliking; unwilling; having a feeling of great distaste or an inclination against something or someone: Regina's father is always averse to spending money unless it is really necessary.
Fred does not approve of liquor in any form and he is even averse to drinking wine.

The adverse publicity didn't hurt Zachary's acting career; however, the hostility of the crowd did make him averse to performing at the next theatrical performance.

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adverse hydro (adjective), more adverse hydro, most adverse hydro
A description of water situations that are unfavorable to the generation of water power: Adverse hydro conditions, such as low rainfall or snowfall, and the lack of runoff from mountains or hills, limits the production of hydroelectric power.
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Opposing and acting in a contrary way; conflicting and hostile to one's interests. (1)
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adverse reaction
In pharmacology, any unexpected or dangerous reaction to a drug.

An unwanted effect caused by the administration of a drug. The onset of the adverse reaction may be sudden or develop over time.

adverse-selection problem
That which takes place when a buyer or seller entering a disadvantageous contract on the basis of incomplete or inaccurate information because the cost of obtaining the relevant information is higher for a buyer or seller than the other party involved in the transaction.
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